Billing and inventory software by Rokdi

Rokdi having several options for the customer as per their need for billing. Rokdi lite is an offline desktop billing application, Rokdi Pro is a desktop billing application with database backup at cloud and Rokdi Cloud is a Cloud base software. and also these software has a single terminal to multi-terminal facility


14999 including GST
Desktop based application
single to the multi-user facility
Data Backup at Cloud
Cloud-based application
Multi-user facility

Built with Simplicity

Experience a perceptive user friendly interface with speedy checkout time and make your work hassle-free. Access Smart Retail information across all platforms and with a wide choice of hardware devices supported.


Keep Customers Close…

Engage with your customers based on their purchase items. Personalize your offers and provide benefits to customer such as loyalty points, cashback which help to promote branding.

Manage your Inventory

Track your inventory management in real-time and provision in stock on time. Help to maintain Inventory product transfer logs from one warehouse to another warehouse or from warehouse to stores or from stores to stores.