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Billing Documents

Creation of invoices, credit and debit memos Direct online creation or offline batch generation mode Batch selection by sales order,

Billing Methods

By sales order, shipment, or consolidated orders Progress Billing triggers by project task, relative dates, and delivery of materials or

Billing Policies and Control

Odometer for invoices, credit and debit memos User-defined aging periods Service charge options Multi-level sales tax Value-added tax policies

Document Printing

Online mode for printing selected documents Offline batch mode by queue for volume printing Duplicate billing without general ledger posting

Financial Impact Visibility

The billing process generates all the necessary financial posting information to update both ROKDI ERP Accounts Receivable and ROKDI ERP

Fiscal Calendar Period Roll

Confirm new fiscal period control dates Define dates for secured out-of-period transactions Roll to new fiscal year

High-Volume Invoice Generation

To simplify the processing of large volumes of documents, the system prompts you to approve eligible shipped orders or delivered

Inquiries and Reports

Individual Invoice with document search Individual credit and debit memo with document Search Billing document register Tax detail Tax summary

Integrated Reporting System

In addition to basic invoices and other billing documents, key audit and control information, such as sales data, expenses, taxes

Multinational Capabilities

Billing supports multinational capabilities for document generation and posting in foreign currency. This provides the necessary information to account for

Simplified Tax Reporting

Tax detail and summary reports provide information on taxable and non-taxable sales and tax amounts by taxing authority. Financial reports

Timely Revenue Collection

Billing links sales contracts and orders of all types with ROKDI ERP Accounts Receivable to provide you with the capability