Integrated Reporting System

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Integrated Reporting System
In addition to basic invoices and other billing documents, key audit and control information, such as sales data, expenses, taxes and financial impact, are generated for processing in other applications. Fully detailed data is captured and used by the Accounts Receivable subsidiary ledger, Sales Analysis reporting and the General Ledger system.

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View your quantities on hand

When you buy and sell products, your inventory quantities are automatically updated, making it easy to see what’s selling and what to reorder.


Get real-time inventory valuation

Inventory values are automatically adjusted in your balance sheet as you go about your day.


Stay on top of purchase orders

Keep track of what you’ve ordered from each vendor. Organize contact information for multiple vendors in one place to make reordering easier.

Recently, corporate reporting has been challenged due to emerging business risks, regulatory burdens, demand for elective corporate governance practices, and calls for transparency. The reporting system incorporates conventional financial accounting with firms sustainability and corporate governance-related issues in order to increase the decision business reporting.

Report fully combines a company’s financial and non-financial performance and is expected to blur the demarcations that exist between financial and non-financial disclosures. The purpose is to provide an assessment of the contemporary trend and new model of financial reporting and also to suggest directions for future research.